Just A Year

Sometimes I love the “on this day” look back on Facebook, and sometimes I don’t.

It’s fun to look back and see silly things we did or fun pictures of good times. It’s cute to see my kids had done something worth mentioning, like shoveling the driveway for me or their middle school band concerts. Those were good times.

Other times those memories make me realize that I’ve changed a lot in a year, or two or three. Sometimes it’s for the better, but lately I’ve noticed it’s not necessarily good changes I’m seeing.

It was almost a year ago that my body was fighting me at every turn. I was developing some pretty significant symptoms which turned out to be a huge vitamin D deficiency which became quite debilitating before I got some help.

Since then I just haven’t been the same as I was before… not at all. I know it’s improved, but I’m nowhere near normal yet, and I can’t wait to see my doctor again and ask a whole bunch more questions.

A year ago I was running longer, faster, more effortlessly. A year ago I was about 20 pounds lighter than I am now. A year ago I was getting up and working out daily before work, but I haven’t had the motivation to do so consistently in months.

A year ago both my kids were living under my roof. I was still the hands-on parent I had been for 20 years. We were transitioning into a new phase of their life, but we were doing it together.

Sure, there are good things about today. My kids are doing well (I hope) and enjoying their new freedoms and figuring out how to be adults. My body is healing, I think, and I’m working on my fitness again with my running goal. But there’s a lot of change, too. I’m truly hoping to look back on all this in a year and realize I went through some tough stuff so I could be stronger and better than ever!

A year can do a lot to a person. I’m hoping this year can do a lot for me in all good ways!


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