It’s time for me to refocus… again. It’s been a tough year and I’m not where I want to be physically, mentally, emotionally… but I’ll get there.

I just need to refocus on me again. I know I have a long way to go, but I’ve done a lot in the first two months of this year too! Two months ago I wasn’t consistent with my running at all. I hadn’t made a goal and was feeling pretty pathetic. That has definitely changed once I chose my goal for the year.

I’ve run 130 miles already this year, and that’s a lot for me! I need to be proud of that, give myself a pat on the back and keep moving forward.

Sure, I still need to clean up my diet and do a whole lot of other work to get where I want to be, but it’s a good day to remember that progress is progress.

It’s a strange week at my office. We have five doctors and usually there are three each week day, but this week several of them are going out of town and they all moved their schedules around to make sure all the office hours were at least covered by one or two of them. Starting today there won’t be the usual amount of doctors, so we are encouraged to cut our staffing a little to make sure we aren’t just sitting around. Because of that I’m actually getting the afternoon off and I’m looking forward to it!

With the weather changing yet again today, I will get in a run this afternoon… the question is when/where/with who? But I’d love to get at least three miles. It’s good to keep myself moving even if the weather goes all crazy again!

My house is quiet now and it’s time to refocus on what will make me happy, what will get me closer to my happy goals. I don’t dream of rock hard abs or 12% body fat… that’s just not me! I dream of a healthy active body that will keep me running for another 45 years!

Two months of the year are now gone. That means we have ten months left to keep moving forward! I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I was either! Focusing on the process and the steps I’ve already taken will make the work seem less daunting.

We are magnificent works in progress. Time to do more work!


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