Sunday Wrap Up

It’s Sunday which means I wanted to update my running progress! This goal I’ve set is still daunting in a way, but keeping track like I am means I’m seeing progress and I’m really proud of that!

This week I added 17 miles to my total, bringing the number for the year up to 137 miles! In just over two months! I’m excited to see this, but I also know I’m a bit behind the average I’ll need to be to hit the number I want. Once the cold and not so fun weather leaves us I’m going to have to increase my weekly miles a bit. Hopefully I can get it to average 20+ for the summer months!

So, here’s where I am this week. In between the cities of Churubusco and Fort Wayne, Indiana!


Kind of in the middle of nowhere, but isn’t that the fun part of this whole process? It is for me!

I discovered through a quick Google search that the town of Churubusco, or Busco as it’s commonly called, is a small town of less than a square mile, and has a population of under 1800 people. Country living, but not real far from a city!

3 5 17 GE.JPG

I really think next year I need to drive through all these little towns. Just a thought!

Tomorrow I’ll be joining my team on a 90 day challenge, along with my running I’ll be getting back to my morning workouts. I need this, I need to feel like my badass self again!

For the first 3 weeks (at least) I’m going to do the 3 week Yoga retreat. If needed, I’ll repeat it, but if I feel like I’m getting back some of my mojo I’m planning to then move into Focus T25. It’s a program that’s been out for a few years but I’ve never done it! It’s a short workout, has a modifier for when I can’t keep up, and it’s Shaun T… he’s very motivating!

So, that’s my plan. Daily morning workouts starting tomorrow. Running 3-4 days per week, gradually increasing my weekly miles to 20 or more, but I’ll listen to my body for the timing on that. It might be up and down too, more one week, less the next… it’s all a learning curve on that!

I’m happy that I have my Beachbody On Demand service to stream the workouts. Now that I don’t usually have anyone in the house with me in the morning, I can even stream them right on my TV if I want! Shaun T on the big screen… awesome!

I’m making a choice to push myself back out of my comfort zone. I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself and super sick of feeling so darn fluffy! Time to stop the excuses and just do it. Time to put this last year behind me and go back to my good habits.

If you’d like to join me on any of it, I encourage a conversation! It’s always more fun to reach a goal when you have some accountability! My goal is to be badass…. what’s yours?


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