Day One… Again

Yes, it’s day one again for me in regards to my fitness habits. Running again this last two months has been wonderful for my attitude and my cardio health, but it’s not enough to get me back in the shape I want to be.

Time to ditch the excuses and go back to what I know works.

I am going to start off light. I’m not just jumping into P90X or Insanity. I’ve done them both and I love them, but that’s more than I can handle at this moment and I know it. So I’m starting with yoga. It’s not easy, and I’ll have to modify, but it’s more gentle in regards to impact and such. A good first step.

From 2012 until last year I was one of those people who got up early and got in their workout before I began my day. When I got sick and was so tired I couldn’t wake up, I made the decision to stop doing that. I can tell that my day isn’t the same at all! I need to get up and get moving. I’m sure it will give me that energy I’ve been missing!

So, it’s early. I woke up about 5:30 and read my personal development like usual. Just a few minutes of a book that teaches me something. Right now it’s one by Jim Rohn…. life lessons I can apply to every day. In a few minutes I’ll wrap this up and start my yoga.

It’s a small thing, getting up 30 minutes early, but it will make a difference in my life. It could make a difference for you too!

I will admit… I’m NOT a morning person. If I didn’t have to be at my office at 8am I would not worry so much about getting up early. My ideal schedule would be sleeping until 7-8am and getting up to workout then, working from 11am and going to bed around midnight. But I don’t control when my office hours begin, so I must adjust accordingly.

Isn’t that just part of life? Maybe not for everyone, but right now it is for me. Time to get my body re-acclimated to early rising! I may not like it, but I know it can be done!

Progress… just like I’ve said before. I got up early. That’s step one. I’m actually looking forward to stretching out these old bones and breathing!

Do something today that gets you a little progress toward your goal. You will be happier each step of the way!


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