Effort Equals Change

I had a plan last night. It was my usual Tuesday running group, the sun was out even though it was chilly, and I had wanted to run about 4 miles.

Both of my “usual” running buddies were missing. I knew this before I went, and I figured I would just run with other friends. I was in a good mood and chatted a bit before we began, I always love seeing my friends!

It was quite windy (it’s even windier right now!) and for some reason my legs were SO stiff when I started. My GPS app I’ve been using didn’t start like I thought it did, so I was off a good .2-.3 miles at least… I hate when that happens.

Suffice to say I ended up running the route all by myself. I’m not even sure why, but I just was lost in my thoughts, pushing my legs forward because they didn’t feel like they had a lot of juice in them.

I didn’t add on the extra to the route that I thought I would. I finished, so just over 3.2-3.3 miles maybe (the app said 3.1 since it got started late). I was disappointed in myself, but my body told me I was done.

But as I’m thinking about it now 12 hours later… I ran. I ran 3.3ish miles. They were slow, they didn’t feel “good”, but I ran. I put in the effort. I did something I didn’t want to do, but something I knew I needed to do to get me closer to my goal.

I could have bailed on myself. I could have gotten the messages from my friends and said screw it… I could have stayed home. But I didn’t.

I went. I ran. I am proud of that effort. Proud because I pushed past my own self-doubt and just did it.

I wasn’t in the mood to be chatty, which is why I ran alone. I just wanted to get lost in my head. Thankfully the route they had laid out was clear and familiar… I wasn’t getting lost in town!

There’s a different sort of group meet up tonight that I’m looking forward to attending. The club I’ve been a member of for two years, the Holland Running Club is joining with our sister groups from Grand Haven and Muskegon (towns just north of us) for a joint meet up and group run! We haven’t done this before, but I think it will be fun to meet new people and there are special things planned like a door prize raffle and possibly a trip down the block to the pub after!

So today is another chance for me to put in the effort. I’m about to do my morning yoga, and our run tonight is 3.5 miles or so. Any effort is better than none, so I will do my best as usual!

I’m just hoping the wind dies down a bit! It’s not easy to run when you’re being blown sideways and backward!


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