Fight On…

Yesterday was a good day. I figured it would be, my Thursdays are usually pretty awesome.

I get the day off work, I met a friend and her adorable daughter for a movie (The Shack, if you were curious, was amazing!) and got a few little errands done. I did my morning yoga to follow along with my plan for the 90 day challenge and I went for a 4 mile run with my club in the evening.

All in all, not a bad day and I found joy in the sunshine and in many other gifts.

Not all days are that easy, and those are the days you have to fight for your happiness.

I’m not saying today I’ll have to fight, it’s just my longest day for working for the week. I do doubles on Friday, work both of my jobs and I’m on my feet a lot. I don’t mind, this is totally my choice. My husband would be perfectly happy with me not working so much, but we truly do need the extra money I make serving, so for now I’ll continue.

Thinking about the hours on my feet makes me tired already, but I know I’ll find some joy today. Having a positive attitude about anything can make it much better! My legs and feet might not love me, but I know I’m doing something positive for my family and that makes it all worth the effort!

On a completely different note, I glanced at my yoga schedule and saw that my workout today was about 30 minutes, so I better get moving if I want to be on time for work!

I’m planning about 6 miles tomorrow morning, but I have a feeling next week will be a recovery week for my running. My feet are starting to feel a little worn out. Sometimes you just need a small break to come back stronger, so we will see how I feel after the 6 tomorrow!

Fight for your happiness. Joy is there in every day, but sometimes you have to go out and get it! Once you find it, don’t let it go.


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