Sunday Update

Hello again!

So, it was another 17 mile week… not too shabby. But I think this coming week is going to be a recovery week. I only have two, possibly three runs planned, and nothing over 4 miles. My body is telling me to back off just a smidge and I want to be smart so I can finish this goal!

The temps have dropped back off and winter is returning with some snow today as well. This isn’t the entire reason, but it’s helping me make this decision a little easier. I’m also back to doing yoga at least every week day, and I think concentrating on that instead of pushing through the aches and pains I’ve been feeling this week.

Anyway, with the 17 miles, that makes my total so far 154! That puts me just southwest of Fort Wayne, Indiana! In fact, the pictures are showing me passing a golf course! Sweet!

I think this shows it better!

Here you can see just how close to Fort Wayne we are!

Anyway… this goal is still scary, but I think it’s attainable!

Today is an off day for me. I’m resting, refueling, getting laundry done. Much needed after a busy week! I hope you find some time to refresh yourself as well!


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