Taco Tuesday

I don’t usually participate in things like Taco Tuesday, but I have friends that do! It’s not that I don’t love tacos… they are a favorite of mine, but since becoming a vegetarian two years ago I haven’t really had many tacos.

Well, I have a confession…. last Friday I had tacos. They were not vegetarian tacos, they were actually chicken tacos and they were FABULOUS!

You see, this restaurant I work at makes the most amazing food and I just couldn’t stand serving it without knowing exactly what I was giving our customers. I was so impressed that I kinda fell in love with those tacos…. and I kinda want to eat them every day now!

I have been wondering if it’s time to add in just a bit of meat here and there. When I go in for my physical in a few weeks  you can be sure I have a million questions… I hope I can get to them all! But mainly my reason for wondering is all my hormonal and vitamin questions. I know it’s perfectly possible to be a vegetarian for many years, people do it around the world for a lifetime! But I wonder what my body is doing after two years.

I only ate the meat that one day. I didn’t notice any digestive problems, but I was glad I stuck to the lean meat instead of the chorizo they use for the beef tacos. Of course, now I want to try those too! Come on, he makes the corn tortillas from scratch for crying out loud!!  They are AMAZEBALLS!!!!

But enough about the tacos… it’s beyond time for me to buckle down on the diet anyway. Time for me to stop buying cookies and chips and focus on fruits and veggies again. I know this, it’s not my first rodeo, I just need to find my mojo again!

I have been good about getting up and doing my morning yoga again, which is a huge step in the right direction! I remember back to when I started my healthy life back in 2010 and I did it in a very similar way. Baby steps. Slowly moving into daily workouts, making healthier choices and slowing down on the “junk” until I moved it out all together.

When I did that I didn’t feel deprived. If I try to go cold turkey I can honestly tell you I won’t stick to it. I’ve done that before as well and it never lasts.

So as much as I’d like to be confident in my swimsuit this summer, I kinda want to eat tacos. Moderation and not beating myself up about every bite is where I’m headed. I think that’s a pretty healthy place for me!


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