It’s Good For You

I decided that I’m not running tonight because my body needs a recovery week. I already have to miss my weekend run, so this is the perfect opportunity. I ran 3.1 last night with friends and have a Leprechaun Chase tomorrow (I know I won’t be chasing very fast, but it should be fun, and there’s beer after!) so that’s going to be it for this week’s running.

But last week I jumped back in to doing my morning yoga. Thankfully Beachbody has released a whole bunch of great yoga workouts on their On Demand service, so I have a lot to choose from! In fact, they made a 30 day calendar in which it’s a different flow every day. Several different instructors means you get a different feel and focus every day and I can tell you I need it so badly!

Last year before I got sick I could do yoga confidently. Not so much now! My entire body feels stiff, sore and completely out of shape. My tummy is bigger than it was and it’s in the way sometimes. I’m having to modify a lot of things that I didn’t have to before. It’s kind of depressing.

But then I think… I’m not giving up! I’m doing the yoga! This is the perfect type of program to get me back into my morning workouts because I’m not beating myself up, I’m restoring my fitness and my mental clarity all at once!

It’s going to take a while. I may have to repeat this 30 day calendar, but that’s OK with me. I need to do the right thing to make myself feel better inside and outside!

Taking this recovery week and cutting my mileage back will help. The yoga will help. I might even get to drive down and meet my kiddo this weekend since we have some things to bring him… I miss getting hugs from him whenever I want!

Well, I digress… but I think I made my point. Sometimes you have to do the right thing for you not because it’s easy, but because it’s good for you. Listening to your body is part of the process.

Do the yoga. It’s good for you.


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