Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I like St. Patrick’s Day. Not just because of the typical celebrations, they are fun too, but for some reason I just like all the blessings and toasts that surround this joyous holiday.

Some day I’m going to have my DNA tested for my ancestry, because I’m fairly certain I’m a little bit Irish! That might be one reason I love all things Ireland… or maybe it’s just the music. I don’t know for sure, but wearing green always makes me happy on this particular day!

Last night my local running club hosted a 5k through the city of Holland to benefit the kids in the area through the Total Trek Quest and Girls on the Run programs. It was called the Leprechaun Chase and it was a beautiful night for a run! A bit chilly, but the sun was shining and there was no snow in sight!

There were costume contests too! Winners for most green, most Irish, best group… all sorts of fun things going on! I didn’t win, but I sure had fun and that’s all that matters!

I ran with a wonderful friend I hadn’t seen or run with in a while, so that was fun too! We actually ran pretty quick too! Faster than I planned, but it felt really good.

Then one of the sponsors of the run hosted us for a beer and food which was great! Sat and chatted with a pint and that’s always a wonderful way to spend an hour!

Anyway, I figured I could share my goofy outfit from last night…. I didn’t put in a ton of effort, but I do love shenanigans!!!

Sometimes you just have to let loose and not take yourself too seriously. Life is short! Have some fun!

I found this Irish blessing to share with you, but there are many more out there. What is your favorite? Do you make sure to wear some green, even if you’re not Irish?

Whatever you do today, be safe. A lot of people go drinking today. I only had one last night, so I was just fine and safely drove home before dark last night. Today I’ll be at work. I have no intention of going out after, so no worries there! Being safe is much more important, so if you’re out partying, PLEASE make sure you have a DD, call for a ride… whatever it takes to make it home SAFE!

OK, that’s my PSA for today… enjoy your weekend!


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