March Madness

I love to watch sports. I’m not good at playing them, although I would love to be, but I’m not. So I watch and enjoy.

My favorites are football and hockey, but this time of year, my TV is often set on college basketball.

The NCAA tournament has always been something I’ve watched and followed and usually enjoyed. It’s exciting to see what happens to the best teams of the year and it’s rarely easy to predict! There’s always an upset, usually a lot of them!

A few years ago at our office we started doing a bracket challenge. Any of us who wants to can join in, fill out a bracket, put in $5 and the winner takes all. I’ve played because it’s just a fun way to see what happens and I like to watch the games anyway, might as well have a little friendly competition, right?

I’ll be honest, I usually take about 5 minutes to fill out my bracket. I put VERY little thought into it and there is NO skill. Like I said before, it’s very difficult to predict because of the number of upsets there are each year!

As the tournament began this weekend, I was happy to see some of my picks in the round of 64 do well. I missed a few as I expected I would, but I was looking pretty good.

Well, after last night, now that they are down to the Sweet Sixteen, I can hardly believe my luck. I have 14 teams out of 16 chosen! Yes, that’s right… I’m leading the challenge! I realize there is a lot of basketball left, and it’s still not a done deal. My champion could lose this next game and could push me out of the lead! But, I’m doing better than I ever could have expected!

I’ll cross my fingers that it continues, but believe me when I say it’s all completely luck at this point. There was no skill, no method, barely any thought put into my choices. Sure is fun to see where it’s headed! Could this be my year?

Do you participate in a bracket challenge, or even watch the tournament? Who’s your pick this season??? Sure makes watching the games more fun when my teams are winning!


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