Tuesday Face

I am not really grumpy today but I do think this meme is pretty cute!

Honestly, I am just feeling so down lately. Not really depressed, but physically and mentally exhausted. Like I did last year before I went on the Vitamin D prescription. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, but I’m not happy about it.

I do have an appointment in a couple weeks, so you can be sure I have a bunch of questions and will be asking for a bunch of tests to be run so I can get to the bottom of what in the heck is going on.

When things like this keep happening to me I find it hard to stay positive. I am fine while I’m out at work and stuff, I don’t really have a choice! But when I come home and finally unwind all I want to do is sleep!

This morning hasn’t been easy, I didn’t really get up on time, but I’ll make it to work anyway. I will pack my clothes and go for a run this evening since I know I have buddies that will hold me accountable and I need the workout! Hoping the sun is out like it was yesterday!

This post is pretty random, because my brain is scattered all over the place right now. It’s birthday week for my kiddos and I’m not even sure I’ll see them! That is not something I expected to happen for a long time, but they grew up too fast this year. Time for me to find a way to deal with it.

My day off this week is probably going to consist of shopping for clothes for work since our new uniforms start soon and I have nothing much to wear on this fluffier body. This makes me unhappy. I’m hoping I can at least sleep in a bit. Sleep is good.

I’m so torn between wanting to sleep all the time and wanting to work off the fluff. It’s a constant struggle!

I am looking forward to Friday. I’m taking Saturday off again to try and hook up with the kids for their birthdays. But today is Tuesday. I’ll take this week one day at a time!

Sorry for the random thoughts today…. that’s just how I’m feeling right now.


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