Adult Kids

I officially have two adult kids today. That’s right, my baby turns 18 today! My boys having their birthdays one day apart may seem strange to some, but it’s just how it worked out for us.

When they were little we would have one big birthday party for both of them. I sure didn’t want to have to plan two parties a few days apart! They didn’t seem to mind, they both got presents and usually had a lot of fun!

Now I don’t really get to do much to celebrate with them. They are like their dad that way, they don’t really like to make a big deal out of the day. But I do! I’m their mom!

Today I get to embarrass this one on social media… isn’t he the cutest???


He was always the snuggliest little guy. I miss those days so much! But he’s taller than me now. He’s all grown up and he even moved out on his own already.

He definitely has his own sense of style, too. Not my favorite look, but he’s still my baby!


This was last summer and he was just coming from work. He definitely doesn’t always wear a McDonald’s uniform! He doesn’t work there anymore, in fact… but that’s another story.

This kid has been my joy, my stress, my baby for 18 years. He is still trying to figure out who he is and what who he will be, but I think he’s getting there.

We are taking him out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate. I’ll wrangle a hug or two, he has no choice in that matter! Beyond that, all I want is him safe and happy.

So, my kids are officially adults. That doesn’t mean I’m not their mom, or that I won’t have to worry about them anymore. It just puts our relationship on a different level, I think. I respect their boundaries, but I want to still be a big part of their lives. Finding that balance isn’t easy, but I think we will get there.

Sure makes me appreciate my own parents on a new level too! I know every time I tell my mom I love her she feels that down deep… and I feel the same thing when my boys say it! I hope they know how much I love them both and how proud I am of the men they are becoming.

Moving into a new phase of parenting isn’t easy, but it’s part of life. You can’t really prepare for this. My babies are grown up.

Happy birthday, David!


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