I Sure Will!

I have slacked a little the last couple of weeks, but I’m going running tonight! I’m going to make myself happy and get out there and move. I know darn well that I will feel amazing once I do!

It’s more than just the endorphin rush too, exercise always makes me feel better. Just getting that blood flowing, heart pumping… something about it just makes me feel alive!

Exercise, to me anyway, is a form of self love that I really need to stay happy. I find it difficult to be at my best when I don’t get in a little sweat session. I don’t even have to sweat much, but you know what I mean! When I was working out daily I was actually happy! When I got sick last year it all went downhill… fast.

So even though I’ve been slacking, oversleeping, putting it off… today I’m looking forward to a run! It’s going to be a perfect spring evening! I can’t wait!

Do you exercise on a regular basis? Do you find it as exhilarating as I do? Do you love yourself enough to make it a priority?

I know how difficult it can be, obviously. If you’re following me you know just how much I’ve struggled. But making it a priority in my schedule today and tomorrow too is an absolute necessity.

My reasons for working out have changed just a little in the last year. I used to want to maintain a certain weight, a certain size to my body. While I wouldn’t mind getting back to where I was, my main reason now is just to be happy. I don’t like feeling like a sloth!

I’m also going to make veggies a priority today. I did pretty good yesterday, even if I had to have an Oberon for Oberon day after work! But overall, yesterday wasn’t a horrible food day, so YAY!

If you don’t know what Oberon day is, you’re missing out!

You see, there’s this brewery in Kalamazoo, one of my favorite cities, called Bell’s. Every spring they come out with their summer ale called Oberon, and it’s released the last Monday of March. It’s something of a holiday in Michigan! No, I don’t take off work (although I have friends that do) to go down to the pub, but I did stop by the store on the way home and pick up a six pack! It’s one of my favorite beers, so I have to!

So with Oberon in the fridge (I only drank one last night, I’ll savor the rest over the next week or so) and on tap at a lot of local places, I definitely need to run! Two of my favorite things… running and beer!

Spring is finally here, I hope to stay! Between sunshine and running and maybe a beer later, it’s bound to be an outstanding day!!!


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