Monday Blues

Man, being out of it the last few days has taken it’s toll on my mood. I’m feeling better thanks to the new meds I got yesterday, so I’ll push through it, but it’s not going to be pretty.

I have a list of things I want to talk about with the doctor when I go in this week for my physical. I’m hoping we can at least get some tests run so I can begin to put this puzzle that has become my health back together. I’m sick of feeling like my body is falling apart!

This week my goal is just to do my best to put on my happy face and work through it. I’ve picked up a shift at my extra job to help out a friend who is off for spring break. I didn’t have to, but I felt like I could at least try and be helpful! I ask for days off once in a while, so when I can I will help others!

I need to try and run at least 3 days, too. Hoping to get at least 12 miles, possibly more, because I have to get that weekly total up if I’m going to reach my goal! I worked out the math yesterday and it’s time to push myself!

It’s spring break and so many of my friends are headed to warmer climates for the week. I’ve never been one to take off, we just never have the money to do so. With my kids not in school anymore, I wasn’t going to take it off anyway. They don’t even live home, so what’s the point? I’d rather take off work when it’s warm, and it’s going to be chilly and rain ALL week! Might as well work!

Work and run. Take care of myself as best I can. Get over this sinus crud. That’s all I can focus on at this point.

What’s your goal for the day? For the week?

Maybe if I just keep moving forward I can find my zip again? Let’s hope so!



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