Fake It

I say this a lot. Some days I just have to fake it till I make it. That is where I am today.

My head hurts, I’m tired and I’m cranky. I hate feeling this way and don’t have time to be sick, so as annoyed with myself that I am, my plan for the day is to fake it.

I wonder if I fake it well enough if I’ll forget I feel like crap? Maybe? Guess time will tell.

I packed my running clothes for after work in the hopes that I feel better enough to get out there… but that hope is pretty small right now. Again… faking that enthusiasm.

I came home last night ready to sleep, but that didn’t come as easily as I had hoped. Then about 10pm I was awake, annoyed, and starving. Dude. That was not fun.

So I have what I’m sure will be another busy day at work. I love that our office is busy, it keeps us hopping and ensures we are helping people and we all love that! But my smiles may have a tinge of fake today. I hope nobody notices. I have awesome patients, so I just want to give them my best! They deserve it!

Will my Tuesday run happen? Who knows. I’ll make that call later today. I need to, it’s been a week since I’ve gone for a run and I’m feeling cruddy about that. Maybe a little run would help me clear my head? Maybe I’ll have to fake that too? Some of my decision will be based on weather. If it’s cold and rainy, no thanks. I’m not a wimp, I’m just not willing to put myself through a miserable run when I’m feeling poorly.

So this is my little pep talk to myself to stop whining. I’m going to congratulate the winner of the office bracket pool (it wasn’t me) and smile my way through this day. The weather sucks, but I’ll be inside anyway.

I want to be my happy self today, so I’ll fake it until I make it real. Think it will work? I sure hope so.


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