I went to the doctor for my physical yesterday. In the past couple of visits, it was so easy. I had no real concerns or problems going on, so it was just a check up and on my way! Go to the lab for blood work and we will see you in a year or two!

Well, as you know, this was not the case this year. My body is a mess! I had a whole list of problems, concerns, questions.. and when I went over them they actually listened!

I don’t usually get to see my doctor but rather his nurse practitioner, who I think is amazing as well. She really does listen to me! Well, this time she had a student with her as well so I had double the ears! Awesome!

I think the biggest relief was that they listened to my concerns and were on the same page as me… let’s get to the the bottom of what’s going on so we can deal with it! She’s sending me out to another doctor, someone who specializes in exactly my sort of issues. This specialist is an OB/GYN that no longer does babies and now concentrates on women going through mid-life and hormonal changes which is exactly what we all think is happening to me!


The fact that my NP doesn’t think I’m crazy or whiny or whatever just makes me so happy! Yes, I want my body back to what it looked like, but mainly I want my LIFE to be what it was a couple of years back!

No, that doesn’t mean I want to go backwards and have my kids struggling in school or whatever, but it does mean I want my ENERGY back! I had so much energy when I was fit and healthy that it was crazy! I had a zest for life that I miss so much! I don’t care what pant size I’m wearing, I just want to feel awesome again!

So, I will see this other doctor soon. I don’t have the appointment yet, but once I do I’m sure we will make a plan to get me back to my best self! It will take some time but I know it will happen. Even that flicker of hope is making me feel so much better!

Sometimes just having someone actually listen and understand is all it takes to make the problems not seem so daunting!

Now to go get that fasting blood work, just the normal stuff the doctor ordered. I was going to go this morning but then I realized I messed up last night and had a beer while we were closing up! OOPS!! I’ll have to try that again! Maybe I can go Monday instead. Or even tomorrow…. that was my mistake.

Anyway, I have a new focus and it’s a positive one. I want my life back. I’m going to work hard to make that happen!


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