Lazy Day

I took yesterday pretty much completely off… and it felt really good!

I had the idea I should go for a run since I didn’t get up for one on Saturday. I was just really tired that morning so I didn’t go and felt so good at work that evening that I knew it wasn’t a bad idea. Well, Sunday morning came and went and I still didn’t get any miles in. There was just no getting my butt up and out the door.

In fact, I’m 100% certain if hubby wouldn’t have been home I wouldn’t have left the house at all or gotten anything done. That one load of laundry I did is still in the dryer this morning… that’s exactly how much I got done.

Thanks to my guy, we did get out of the house on what was the most beautiful weather day we’ve had so far this year! Grabbed some lunch and watched some of the Tiger game, headed to his parent’s place to turn on the water and furnace because they are headed home this week, came home to finish watching the game and do that laundry.

We do live the least exciting life ever!

After the Tigers lost it was time for the last Red Wings game of the season, and the last one ever at Joe Louis Arena.

I wasn’t thinking I would have such an emotional day just watching TV, but I did!

We have been Wings fans forever, but had never seen them at the Joe until last October. Our first and last game there and we knew it. So glad we took that opportunity! For some it may be just a building, but so much history happened there! It was truly an honor to have taken in a game, even just one.

Watching the festivities last night was just awesome, even on TV! I thought the whole thing was just great. The interviews before, during and after the game.. the memory highlights.. the stories… all just awesome!

The ceremony after the game was fabulous as well! Red Wings from years past back to bid farewell. Speeches from one of the best coaches ever, the captain who will always be known as captain, so many good feels. I was in tears more than once!

I may not have gotten anything done, but sometimes you need a lazy Sunday. After working six days in a row, I needed a break and I took it.

Sometimes it takes a whole day of doing nothing to recharge your batteries! At least that’s true for me!

Now it’s time for that fasted blood draw I needed to get done. I was good and actually set it up on my calendar to remind me to stop eating last night. Good thing I did too! I really wanted a snack at about 9pm, but I didn’t do it! I’ll bring my breakfast with me to the lab so I can scarf something down before work. Planning ahead is key, right?

On that note… it’s time to get myself together and head to the lab! Being lazy can’t happen today. There are patients to take care of!


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