Spring Time!

I love spring. Even though my allergies don’t love it, I do.

I love the sunshine, the rain showers, even the thunderstorm we had last night!

I love the green grass and the flowers that come up. I love the smell of everything blooming. The warmer temperatures for being outdoors… just about everything makes me happy!

Even though I know I don’t feel like myself this year, I’m still very happy that spring is finally here!

Yesterday I got the call to set up the appointment with the specialist that my doctor referred me to for my issues. Unfortunately it’s not until May, so I have to be patient, but I’ll get through. Five weeks until I can get someone working on figuring out exactly what’s wrong with me!

Until then, I’ll carry on. I’m going running tonight, first time in a week. But looking forward to seeing my friends and a few of us are already planning to head to an event at a brew pub afterward! Someplace I haven’t been yet, so that’s definitely exciting for me!

I like to try new places, but I don’t like to try them alone. This will be a fun way to see if I want to go back again later with other friends or my hubby!

My birthday is coming this weekend. I’m asking off work, but we will see if someone can cover me or not. Easter weekend means some people are out of town or have plans with family, so I’m not planning a party anyway. Just would be great to spend the evening with my guy and maybe a friend or two. Who knows?

At least spring weather is finally here. It’s cooler today, but the sunshine might come back this evening in time for our run! The rest of the week actually looks pretty good on the weather app, so there’s that!

What’s your favorite thing about spring?


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