Speed Bumps

I feel like I’ve been moving over and dodging speed bumps a lot lately. I’ll have a good day and then BAM! I’m back to what feels like square one.

It’s spring and I love how things are coming alive, but my body and my mind feel like going back into hibernation for a few more months. I’m getting out there and doing my best to keep moving forward, but that doesn’t mean it’s working.

Running is still really hard. I am proud of the fact that last night we went out at a pretty good clip. Our first mile pace was quick for us! We did take a couple of short walks by the end, but 3.5 miles is better than I expected to get. I have this knot in my calf muscle that just won’t seem to leave!

Even though it’s been hard this week, I’ve done my best to keep moving forward. I’m not letting this cramp get in my way of getting in some miles this week. Not sure how long I’ll be able to go tomorrow, but my goal is to get out there and just try. I won’t let this speed bump be a permanent obstacle!

Five more weeks until I see the specialist my doctor referred me to for my hormonal issues. At least we believe it’s hormones, my thyroid and all other blood work came back normal. Hard to think it could be anything else making me feel like I’m falling apart! Waiting for this appointment is not going to be easy, but I have to stay strong!

I have never loved the speed bumps that are on the roads in my neighborhood. I don’t like these either, but I know I can get over them just like I do every day.

Whatever obstacle or speed bump is slowing you down in life, just remember… you can get past it! Just keep moving forward, and never give up!


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