Happy Easter!

As a Christian, I celebrate Easter every year as the day Jesus arose from the dead to complete his gift of resurrection and sit at the right hand of God the Father. Whether you are a believer or not, I think Easter is a great time to connect with family and celebrate that spring is here!

Spring brings new life, a rebirth of the plants and blooming flowers. It also brings allergy season for people like me who suffer quite a bit this time of year! But I’m learning what I need to do to keep most of my symptoms to a minimum. I still feel it, but not nearly like I could if I didn’t stay ahead of it!

Because I’ve been able to keep my allergies under control, I’ve been back at the running game and I’m very glad for that! I’m glad for my two running buddies that keep me moving and even smiling through a lot of it! We only met a few months ago, but these girls are precious to me!

Thanks to them and me feeling better AND having great weather this week, I was able to get back out there and managed 17.5 miles this week! I will fully admit that there was a little walking included in there, but it was walking with a purpose, so I’m counting it. I have a knot in my left calf that just won’t seem to go away this week. I’m going to keep foam rolling it until it leaves! Annoying!

It was also my birthday yesterday. I didn’t do anything to celebrate it because my husband was still on the road and I had to work at the restaurant. It was fine, at my age it’s not like I need a party every year! But I did get a nice meal after work cooked for me by my boss (his food is awesome!) and a free beer with it and a chance to sit and listen to the live band we had playing. Not too shabby!

Reflecting on this new age is bringing me to a place of gratitude. My dad’s birthday was always two weeks before mine, so he would have just turned 72. The day I graduated high school he was 45. I just turned 45. He died at 48. I’m doing everything in my power NOT to die at 48! Believe me, seeing this age was something I wasn’t sure would happen once upon a time. I’m so thankful for each and every day! Every struggle I have means I’m still here! The fact that today is Easter is even more reason to be thankful! My Lord is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

OK, let’s see how far I’ve made it on the map to South Carolina!

194.6 miles down… 712.4 to go! Man, I really need to get moving farther each week. So glad the weather is looking like I can make that happen! Now let’s see if the body cooperates for this old lady!

No matter how you spend your day, I hope it’s one filled with happiness! I’m going to have lunch with my love and hopefully see his parents who just got home from spending the winter in Florida! If I have time I want to pop over and see my mom too, but I do have laundry. We will see!

Happy Easter!


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