Sleep Problems

I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and apparently it’s not going to get better for a while. At least not until I see the specialist next month! I’m really hoping she can give me some ideas that will help me get more than 4 hours on a consistent basis.

Some nights I sleep very well, but mostly I don’t. Apparently this is a common problem with women my age, so I guess I should expect it. But sleep has always been something I was good at, so the fact that it’s a problem now is no fun at all.

I’m also sorry for those around me who have to deal with me when I’m over tired! I’m sure I’m just a joy to behold.

At the office I have a lot of friends who are just a tad older than me, so many of them have shared things they have gone through and are so understanding of my situation. They recognize exactly how I feel! It’s nice to know I’m not completely bat-shit crazy, but I sure feel like that when the sleep is so sporadic.

I find it almost comical that what I’m looking forward to tomorrow is the possibility of a nap!

Saturday night I slept for like 11 hours straight! It was glorious! The past three nights? Not so much.

I know I’ll get a handle on things at some point, hopefully soon. Until then, I’m sorry for what I say when I’m tired. And I’m pretty much always tired!


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