Progress is Progress

I was able to get my four runs in this week and finally feel like I’m making some progress on my big goal for the year!

Just over 17 miles this week, putting me just over 211 for the year so far! I’m a little behind, but I think I can catch up as I’m feeling stronger and planning my time better.

This week I would end just a little outside the town of Ridgeville, Indiana. It’s a very small town on the border of Indiana and Ohio, about halfway between Fort Wayne and Cincinnati! I think I’ll be turning into Ohio very soon!

Like I said… progress!

I’m making progress feeling better too. No, I’m not sleeping well, but I’m keeping my sinus issues at bay with some daily allergy meds. I was hoping to not have to do that, but I think for the season I will just keep going with it. If it helps it’s worth it! Baby steps, right?

I’m making progress in how my mental state is going. I’ve been finding myself in a better mood lately, not every day but I’m getting used to my new normal. I think the running is helping me!

I still need to make better progress in my eating habits, which have fallen into some old patterns lately. I’ve made some better choices, but I’m still working through it! Need to keep off the sweets, eat more plants and lay off the beer! See, I know this… baby steps.

Accepting my new normal, how I feel and how I’m living mostly alone, hasn’t been easy. I want to thank you all for following my progress and encouraging me when I’m down! I’m writing this blog for my own sanity, but if I can help encourage or motivate someone else that’s a major bonus!

Yesterday I overslept due to an extremely busy Friday at both jobs. I was bummed when I woke up and I was supposed to have been running! My buddies and I had planned to go for coffee after the run and head to a yoga class. So instead of being mad at myself, I got out and met them at the coffee shop and did the yoga! It was fun and I felt great about that!

When I got home from yoga it was the most amazing weather! I had a little time before I went to work, so I popped in my new ear buds and ran 4 miles alone! I don’t do that very often, but I really needed it! That run put me in a great mood for the rest of the night!

Taking care of me is something I’ve never been really good at. Making sure my kids were OK was about all I cared about for the past 21 years. Now it’s my turn! I’m making sure I’m sleeping and getting the exercise I need! I’m making progress, anyway.

Progress is awesome! Tell me about your progress! Honestly! I want to know!!!


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