Mental Day

I’ve been back to my running as you know. I’m still struggling to get up and do my morning workouts; it’s been a few weeks since that happened. But with working all the hours on my feet, I need my rest day.

Yesterday was a good rest. I slept in, had lunch with hubby, watched the Tigers on TV… basically didn’t do much of anything productive. Just what we both needed! He’s been working so hard! Don’t let anyone fool you, driving for a living is hard on the body!

So this week I can do it all over again. I can because I took the day to rest my muscles and my mind. I spent the time with my love whom I don’t see every day. We got groceries and finished the laundry so we are ready to go again this week. I’ll make it the best week I can!

I need to foam roll my calves more this week. When I ran Saturday they got a little tight and were OK at work until late in the evening. I didn’t feel like it yesterday, but I’ll try and do it tonight so I’m ready for tomorrow’s run.

My goal is to get in at least 18 miles this week. Let’s see if I can make it happen!

I took the rest day. I took the mental day. If you did as well, let’s make this week a great one and push ourselves to CRUSH those goals!


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