I Had A Plan

Yes, I had a plan. Yesterday I was going to go for 5-6 miles and do the same today so that I can get my miles in and still take an extra rest day.

Well, my body quickly told me last night that my plan wasn’t on the same page as body.

I was running slowly, just trying to get loosened up, when almost a mile in my right calf cramped up. Literally felt like someone took my muscle and wrung it like a wet towel! OUCH!

Thankfully I was with a dear friend and she offered to walk back with me. She didn’t have to, I told her to keep going and I would be OK, but running friends are amazing!

I’m fine. It still hurts, but I have a plan for today. That plan is to listen to my body again!

I rolled on my foam roller for quite a while last night and used an over-the-counter TENS unit for a bit. Still hurts a lot, so I’m not pushing it. Once I take my shower I’m going to put on my compression sleeves and wear those while I work.

If I feel like I can, I’ll try and run tonight. If I feel like it’s a no.. I promise to listen to my body.

That’s really all we can do sometimes.

I know my whole system is out of whack right now. I was talking to a dear friend who I have worked with for 15 years yesterday. She knows full well that I’m not the same person I was and was honest that she noticed a little over a year ago. Exactly when I look back and see the changes in myself. Good to know I’m not truly crazy!

So I’ll see how the day goes before I make plans. I want to run. The weather is awesome! But if this leg says no, I’ll skip it.

Thankfully I decided to treat myself to a massage tomorrow! I can’t wait!

After that, we will see how I feel, but I’m hoping I can keep moving forward!


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