Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for following this blog project of mine. It means a lot to me that you take a moment of your day to read what I write!

Whether you identify with my struggles or just enjoy some motivation with my running goals, I’m just glad you’re here!

I started this to motivate my team, which is where the blog name came from, but I’m not sure it’s truly about that anymore. And that’s OK! Change is good! Scary sometimes, but good!

I had an idea to write a book this last year but to be honest, I haven’t given it the time it needs and it’s completely off my radar right now. I know I’ll get back to it, but it’s not my top priority. In the meantime, I keep writing my blog because I need this little outlet!

My life is chaotic at times, and I’m struggling my way through some pretty major life changes. My lifetime struggle with depression and anxiety is at an all time high also. Thankfully I have a very supportive family and friend network that is helping me cope!

My hope is that this blog gives someone hope, shows you that no matter what you’re going through that you can come out of it stronger than ever! I also hope that as my life finds it’s way through my new routine that I can get back to my fitness goals and kick some butt once again!

This may be a year of transition for me in regards to my health, but I’ll get there. I thank you for following me.

You truly do know how to make a girl feel special!


Happy WEEKEND!!!! Yes… I’ll be working!


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