A friend of mine posed a question the other day on Facebook that I took a little time to ponder this week. My running was put on hold yet again when I got that major cramp in my calf. Unfortunately it’s still hurting more than I’d like to admit. I tried to run yesterday but ended up not getting very far and had to walk back to the car. Suffice to say I had some time to think!

His question was “if a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?”

He got a lot of the usual responses like money, health, cars… normal things to wish for.

But then I got to thinking, how much is enough?

I mean, will it take a million dollars to make someone happy? A hundred million? Just how fancy does that new house have to be? I know most of us would like to improve our lot in life, but most of us are too afraid to work for it.

Like I said… I had some time to think.

My answer would be similar, but just a little different than most I believe.

My answer to the genie question is this…

  1. I wish for enough health for myself and my loved ones (remember… I love everyone!). Enough health that we have energy to work and play with vigor and a carefree spirit. Enough health that doctors visits are always routine and medications are minimal if at all necessary.
  2. I wish for enough money to live the life to which I would like to become accustomed. Enough money to never have to worry about bills and enough to be able to give freely to those who are in need. Enough money that when something unexpected happens I don’t have to panic that I won’t have the money to cover it. Enough money to be able to be generous to my loved ones and to those charities I believe in.
  3. I wish for enough love that there is no more war. Enough love in every single human on this earth that there is no more fighting, no more hate, no more division. Enough love that it blots out all the evil.

So basically my answer is enough. I wish that for myself but also for anyone in the world who may also be in need. If you think about it, isn’t that all of us?

I don’t mind working for the money part, I think we all need to do our part. I like working, it gives me a sense of purpose.

I don’t mind working on the health part, that’s what I’m trying so hard to do with the help of my doctors right now. It’s not always easy, but I know I’ll be OK because I’m not just giving up!

I also don’t mind working on the love part. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and put on a smile, even in the face of someone who may not be as lovable as I’d like. Loving them anyway is on me, not on them.

We can get there, friends. We don’t need some genie to grant us three wishes to have our dreams come true. All we need to do is work for it!

I wasn’t able to run like I wanted yesterday. But instead of being mad at myself or just giving up hope, I popped some music in my ears and walked. It’s almost Tulip Time in my small town of Holland and the flowers are a little early. It’s hard not to look at these amazing tulip beds and not just be thankful! Instead of being mad yesterday, I took a few pictures of some of my favorite flowers!


In that moment… I had enough. I know when I have it when I feel that sense of contentment knowing that I’m enough. As a person of faith, I know that God is with me in my struggles, and He’s with me in my peace. He’s certainly in each of these amazing creations!

I hope you find your enough today. And keep finding it every single day!


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