Learning All Over

So, my body is really revolting lately. You know this if you’ve read many of my posts. A dear friend of mine noticed how much I was struggling and asked me to join her in trying something new.

I’m all for change when I’m feeling so poorly, so I looked into it and then I took a leap of faith!

The reason I jumped in was because this is something different. Developed by my hero Chalene Johnson and a whole slew of experts, this isn’t a diet… it’s learning a way to eat that will actually heal your body from the inside!

You see, this amazing lady is just a year or two older than me. That means she’s going through some of the same things I am, or at least close to it. She makes so much sense when she speaks about food and inflammation and living a life of balance.

I want to have her kind of energy! I want to workout again with vigor and get my muscles to stop hurting! She’s just the person to help me through some changes, I just know it.

So I’m taking the time to go through the lessons. I’m sure it will be a process over the coming weeks and I’m honestly more excited to learn this than I have been in many months!

My specialist appointment is in a couple weeks. I can’t wait for that too! But going through this program, this test of what foods work for me, may help me and my doctor figure some stuff out faster! This test is one step in the direction of healing. Of that I’m convinced!

I feel like I’m learning to eat all over again! So much more to learn that I ever imagined, but I think it’s what I need! I’m so ready to learn and live my healthiest life!


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