Either Way….

I had yesterday off from both jobs and only had one appointment in the morning. It was fabulous, even if the weather was just meh… but I couldn’t decide what to do!

No movies I wanted to see, no shopping I needed to do… I almost just went home and laid around! But then I got the idea to text my sister. I haven’t seen her in months because her schedule in the spring is even more crazy than mine!

Thankfully she was free too, so we met up and went for a nice walk! It was chilly and overcast, but we dressed appropriately and it was actually not bad at all! Hardly any people to deal with, so we were able to just catch up like we both needed.

Of course, we stopped after for a beer… because we both love craft beer and there are a couple of good places in town! I think we both needed the down time!

Our spontaneous adventure was great. Laying in bed all day can be great. Which one sounds better to you?

This weekend will be a long one working both jobs, but I knew it was coming. I think that’s why I needed yesterday’s break! I’m not superwoman, after all! Just a girl who doesn’t mind working hard for her family!

Adventure yesterday, work today. It’s about balance, right?


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