Parents Need Love Too!

So in the past several months both of my kids have moved out of the house. It’s been a transition for us all and I think it’s going pretty well, but I’ll tell you there is one thing I miss…. those quick hugs and “love you’s” I used to get, especially from my oldest!

He’s a 3 hour drive away and with him working and at school almost 80 hours a week, and with me working two jobs and dad on the road… there haven’t been any visits except that one lunch two months ago.

I miss my kids!

My husband’s parents, who happen to be the most amazing in-laws and grandparents EVER had been in Florida since last November. They got back in April but Tom had already moved by then. Needless to say they miss him something fierce! So hubby and I are going to take them down today and let them see exactly where he’s living and how it’s going for him!

I can’t freaking wait!

I’m not looking forward to 6-7 hours in a car, but the hugs that I know he will let me have are already melting this mama heart!

Raising this kid was a challenge and a blessing every single day. He ended his teens making choices that I certainly didn’t condone, but he’s changed a lot in the last year. So much that he’s making all of us extremely proud!

So even though I’m really tired and would like to lay around all day, I’m about to load up and hop in the car. Thankfully hubby said he would do the driving. I’m just not up to that, but I’ll ride along!

Sometimes parents need their kids to say “I love you.” I never understood that until recently. Believe me, I tell my mom and mom and dad-in-law that every chance I get! It means the world to us!

If you have your parents in your life, or people who mean so much to you…. don’t hesitate to tell them how you feel. Believe me, parents need love too!!!!


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