So Very Thankful

Yesterday was a tough day. I don’t want to get too graphic or whatever, but my body is starting to change in ways I truly didn’t appreciate could even happen until now. This mid-life change is absolutely awful, but I know it’s just something I need to get through.

Thankfully next week I have that appointment with a doctor who specializes in this and I’m hopeful I can get some relief from some of the symptoms I’m having. Until then, I’m just trying to survive.

So yesterday as I could barely keep my eyes open at work, my beautiful co-workers looked a the afternoon schedule and sent me home early. I took a glorious three hour nap! I almost felt human again!

I’m still tired even after sleeping all night, but I think I’ll be able to function today. I have tomorrow off, so I can nap then if I need to. Sometimes you just need to sleep off the exhaustion when your body is fighting with itself!

I’m going to get through this. I’m absolutely certain! I don’t have some awful deadly disease, I’m just a 45 year old woman who has never had anyone in her family deal with this because all of the women in my family have had issues that I did not have! I’m thankful for that too!

Anyway, I feel whiny and bloated and weak and tired, but I will live. I’m thankful for that and for my friends who care so much about me they would rather see me sleep than struggle!

I feel better about making it through today. I think I can do this! Yes, I’m still struggling, but I’ll get through!


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