Random Thoughts Friday

I have a bunch of random thoughts in my head today, so I’ll just share a few to give you a sense of how I’m struggling to write anything good….

I love to be around people, but in certain situations I just want to push everyone aside and get the hell out of a crowd.

Going out to lunch with someone is possibly the most amazing way to spend a day off, but my lunch hour on a workday MUST be spent alone reading a book.

I often procrastinate chores until I literally can’t stand it anymore around my house… but my work space must be organized or I go crazy.

I go on Pinterest several times a week for inspiration for my blog or healthy eating and usually end up checking out new ideas for my next tattoo within about five minutes.

I have spent, in my head, more money than there is in any lottery about 50 times in my life. I’m sure if I ever did win the lottery I wouldn’t do any of the things I’ve dreamed because I’d be dead from shock… I don’t play the lottery (often).

I don’t understand people who only sleep with one pillow.


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