Oh Goodie

Yes, this is exactly what I figured was happening. I’ve entered the phase that women all over the world go through every day…. perimenopause. Oh goodie.

How did I know? Well, I just turned 45, which is a pretty normal age to have this happen even though it can happen anywhere from your late 30’s to 50’s. Every person is different.

I won’t get into the gory details, but basically your hormones go “since we aren’t making anymore babies I guess we will all just go crazy and stop these crazy predictable cycles!” or something. Then you just go crazy. Like for real, I forget stuff all the time and it’s not fun.

You have a brain fog that comes and goes as it chooses. That’s great when you’re talking to a patient or even better, your boss, and you just completely forget what you were talking about. Yeah, that’s glorious.

You have ZERO energy most days, followed by a few hours of energy, followed by no energy for a week.

You can’t sleep, can’t wake up, can’t sleep again, and are never comfortable.

Believe me, I’ve not enjoyed this past year one stinking bit, but I think I have a plan to help me get through it because apparently it doesn’t just happen for a few months… we are talking YEARS here. Oh goodie.

I saw a doctor this week who is a specialist in menopause. I had no idea there was such a thing, but believe me this person is AMAZING! We sat and talked for over an hour and she has the expertise to have a plan of attack so I can survive the next phase without ending up in a mental hospital or prison. Either one wasn’t far off before this meeting.

So for the first time in a huge number of years, I’m back on the pill. Yes, they use birth control pills to help manage menopause symptoms! I had heard this and was intrigued, but she made a lot of sense when we discussed what the could do for me. I figured I had to try something!

Taking a pill is one step, or at least I hope it is. What comes next is a three month trial of this medicine. It’s hard to predict how your body reacts and it takes time to manage hormones. I knew that before I went in, so I’m not surprised at all, but I’m very hopeful this will work. If it isn’t working in three months, we try something else!

At least I know I’m not going completely batshit crazy! It’s just my hormones!

So I’ve taken two days worth so far. I have no idea when I’ll know if it’s helping, but my plan is to keep track if I notice any changes. That way I can tell her when I go back in August.

In the meantime I can’t really slow down. I have to work. I need to get back on my workout routine. I need to stop eating junk food! No more excuses there!

I’m not sick, I’m just perimenopausal…. oh goodie.


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