Proud Of Myself…

I took a nap yesterday.

Yeah, I’m actually proud of myself for sleeping, because I needed it! I’ve talked about not sleeping well at night, but for some reason I can nap like a champ when I have the time to do so!

When I work on Saturday evenings I’ve gotten in the habit of taking about a 45-60 minute nap before my shift to make sure I have enough energy to earn good tips. It seems to help me stay “on” at least until the last customers are gone!

Yesterday I sang at church, had some lunch, ran to Target and came home to do laundry. I didn’t have much to do, hubby had done a bunch already, but I did have one load of my own stuff, so my Sunday tradition continues.

As I was sitting there catching up on my DVR I realized just how sleepy I was! With my clothes in the dryer I figured I could lay down for a few minutes.

Three hours later I woke up feeling a lot better! I was more tired than I even realized!

I know I snapped at hubby on the phone before I napped, and I felt bad about that, but he seems to think that just because I started that medicine four days ago I should be back to normal… sorry, but I told you it will still be weeks or even months before I see a difference! Plus, I was obviously tired.

I was pretty proud of myself for not pushing to go for a walk or whatever and just listening to my body and sleeping.

Of course, I slept like crud again last night, but I can’t win them all! At least today all I have on my calendar is work!

Oh, and did I mention that my head is all stuffed up thanks to some pretty major changes in the weather or whatever? Yeah, so there’s that too. Goodie.

I think naps should be a part of everyone’s day. I’ve felt that way for a while. Maybe I need to move to Spain so I can have a siesta every day!! LOL!


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