Pollen Wars 

I swear I love spring. The grass and trees get greener and the flowers bloom, but pollen is the Death Star.

I got a pretty bad case of them back in March as things started popping early this season.

Well, this week it hit me again. It has hit me so hard I feel like I’ve been hit my a Mack truck! I feel like nothing I usually do is helping, including leaving work early and hitting the antihistamines and a nap!

I. Can’t. Breathe!

I’m sniffling all day and it’s gross. I’m coughing like crazy, my voice sounds like a smoker again, and I sneezed a LOT yesterday.

I’m going to do my best to make it through today at work. Tomorrow I’m pampering myself with a massage and my hair appointment! Can’t wait for both of those!

I’ve been looking a the calendar at work and I realized that after this week I have a short one next week (thank you Memorial Day!) and then I’m on VACATION!

We aren’t really making many plans, just hubby and I taking the week off together. We would like to get a few projects done at home, but we may also take off and drive somewhere if we feel like it. I kind of feel like we did back when we were dating and first married… no plans, just spend time together!

So as I’m looking forward to that, I need to get these symptoms under control like NOW! I hate feeling like a post nasal drip factory! Allergies are NO fun!

Anyway, now that’s been a couple of days and I’m sure that’s the problem, I just have to get through it and hit them hard before it turns into something else.

I have a holiday and a vacation to look forward to!

I hope you’re not suffering like me! If you are, what tips do you have?? I’d love to hear them!


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