Mantra Shift

Seven years ago was when I started what I call my health and fitness journey, I made a little progress each day. A little that added up to a lot after just a couple short years.

When I started, I was heavy, out of shape and sick of myself. Two years after I started running and making small changes I trained for a marathon and completed P90X for the first time! I’d say I had huge results!

Fast forward to this year and I’m not quite as heavy as when I started, and not even quite that out of shape, but my mindset has me doubting my abilities again. It’s time to change that. Gaining 30 pounds back is not what I expected to happen.

Ten days ago I saw a doctor who is going to help me get through peri-menopause, but it’s time for me to help myself enjoy my life again. I’ve put it off about as long as I can. I’m sick of my chubbiness!

So, starting tomorrow, I’m dedicating the next few months to completing the program Focus T25 for the first time. I’ve done other Shaun T plans and I love his style! I love that this one is only 25 minutes per day, no excuses that I don’t have time. I’m GOING to finish this!

I’m sure I’ll have to modify a lot at the beginning, and that’s OK. I’ve let myself get this out of shape, it won’t be easy, but I know it’s worth trying!

If you’re in a similar situation, what I want you to learn from my story is just that you need to believe in yourself. Work hard for what you want. Don’t give up because it’s hard.

I’m going to give myself some grace, but not about missing workouts. It’s time to kick my own butt once again. Sunday’s are for rest, but Monday the work begins.

My goal for this particular program is simple… get back to regular workouts five to six days per week. Sure, I’d love to lose 10 pounds as well, but it’s not necessarily about that for me. I have no idea how my body will react. That’s where the self-grace comes in.

I’ll look back on this post when things get hard. They will get hard, I’m absolutely sure of that. Working out isn’t supposed to be easy… that’s why it’s called WORK! But I need it. I need to feel my muscles again. I need to have the energy it gives me, even when I completely exhaust myself.

Tomorrow the progress begins. I’m ready to take my life back!


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