You Are Significant

Each of us has a worth that is more than we think. I didn’t used to think this way, but as I get older I see value in so many different ways!

I have a friend from my running group who has this amazing job where she helps coach young boys to run, but it’s so much more than that. She teaches them that they are worth more than they can imagine. That they can accomplish more than they thought they could. It’s inspiring!

Part of her program is coaching the boys to run a 5k. Since it’s the end of the school year, it’s time to round them up and run that race! She was asking our group for some volunteers to help out and either run with the kids or just help in some way, so tomorrow morning I’m joining in the fun!

I don’t often get a chance to help out in this type of way, but I think it’s important to help when we can. Helping kids believe in themselves and reach a goal is a pretty awesome thing to do on a Saturday morning!

We have significance in so many other ways too. Our family and friends can attest to that, but finding ways we can be valuable members of our community is definitely important.

Donating time is in some ways more important than any amount of money or material goods, in my opinion. Sure, financial donations are needed for so many amazing causes, but donating an hour of your time now and then can make such a difference in the life of some kids.

The children are our future, after all!

So, stay tuned for my adventures. I’m hoping I can get at least a picture or two, but at least I can tell you about it once it’s over!

Oh, and I’ll be on vacation after today! Hubby and I are taking a week off from work to spend time together, get some projects done around the house and just relax!

You are capable of amazing things. Don’t ever forget that! Take a chance and try something new! You never know how amazing you can make others feel until you try!


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