It’s a Trap

Today is a pretty special day in my family. My niece turns 19 today! But I have this advice for her and the rest of the kiddos…. don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

Of course, I’m sort of kidding. She’s an amazing young woman with a lot of amazing things in her future. I’m completely sure of that. She’s a student at the University of Michigan, where her mother (my sister) also attended. She’s studying things like biology, chemistry, calculus…. things that are WAY over my head!

She’s going to be helping with research starting next semester which is what she’s hoping to do for a career, so I’m excited for her that she will get some experience this early in her studies.

While I’m sure there is nothing she can’t do, I also want to warn her and others her age that getting old isn’t always pretty! It’s not all fun and games, that’s for sure!

Sure, there are freedoms we can enjoy when we are adults. But there are also things like bills, jobs, mortgages, car payments… stuff that is truly not very glamorous. My advice to most kids is to enjoy their youth!

I know Emily is going to be just fine. She’s not only brilliant, she’s funny, kind, generous, and beautiful. She’s got great friends, a cute boyfriend and a family who supports her no matter what. She’s also got a great work ethic. This is her fourth summer at the same job and her straight A’s came to her because of her own drive, nobody pushed her… she did that all on her own!

But what I wouldn’t give to help her enjoy a few more years of being a kid. I feel that way for my kids too, who also are growing up way too fast.

I wouldn’t go back to being in high school for anything… those years weren’t easy for me. But being an adult is hard. So when I see kids trying to grow up too fast this is the best advice I can give them….

Don’t grow up. It’s a trap!


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