Classic Over-thinker

I have a huge problem overthinking things. For real, I can make up all sorts of problems that don’t exist and it’s not funny.

It keeps me up at night. It annoys my husband. Heck, it annoys ME!

Lately I’m overthinking what I’m packing for my trip, which isn’t even happening for two more weeks! I’m stressing about getting things done, making sure I don’t forget stuff, that I don’t over-pack…. I know I’ll over-pack, I always do.

I’m also overthinking about stuff that I can’t control. I think that’s the most annoying part about this problem.

I guess I’m writing about this just to tell my story, I have no idea how to stop or change myself. I’m not asking for sympathy either, I’ve been like this my whole life. I’ll get through it and I’ll move forward like life does, but I think my friend losing her nephew compounded my own anxiety this last week.

Speaking of which, they are laying him to rest today. I won’t be going to the funeral as it’s during my work day, but also because I really don’t know his parents or siblings. There will likely be hundreds there. You should see the amount of stuffed animals they have already gathered to donate to the hospital that worked so hard to try and save Carter! I’ll be making a donation myself, it’s a great cause.

In the meantime I’ll be working a lot this week trying to save myself some money for my upcoming trip! It’s getting closer and I can’t wait! One thing I’ve been overthinking about as well, whether I’ll bring my laptop with me or not. I think I may leave it home, which means I may not post here for a week, but I’ll have so much to talk about when I get home! Plus, I can post from my phone, it’s just a pain to type that way!

Anyway… it’s Monday. I’ve got a busy week planned and I really need to get moving to make it successful! Next week there’s a holiday and the week after I travel! I got this!

Time to stop overthinking and get to work!


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