Confessions of a Reader…

Kind of sounds like I’m going to an intervention or something, but I honestly have NO intention of ever changing the fact that I am a reader.

I read everything! Novels, biographies, self-help books… anything that speaks to me, I read. As a kid I was always reading something. I think I even got competitive a few times when the summer reading list came out! I usually read more books than the teachers expected us to!

A few years ago those electronic reading devices came out, the Nook and the Kindle where the ones I knew about. I did some research on them, but I resisted for a long time. I love to flip pages! I wasn’t sure I would enjoy reading as much that didn’t feel and smell like a book!

Well, my friends were using them and I just needed to see what it was all about. I finally decided that I just had to try one. I decided on a Kindle because I could even borrow e-books from my local library! But also I got one that only does books, no fancy apps or anything, and one I can read at the beach with my sunglasses on.

After about a day and a half… I was hooked. I love reading on my Kindle so much! It’s small, light weight, and holds TONS of books! I can switch subjects, authors and genres in just a few quick touches! I rarely leave the house without it! It even fits in my purse!

Anyway, I tell you about my Kindle because you can imagine that I literally read for at least an hour every day. As a Team Beachbody Coach, we are encouraged to learn something every day, so lately I’ve downloaded a lot of books that teach me something. I’ve read authors that teach me about leadership, team building, and most recently just teach me about being a better person.

Yesterday I was reading a book by Glennon Melton Doyle. She is so honest and raw, I’m totally loving her style. She writes about herself and her family, her highs and her lows. It’s almost like she’s writing my story, but of course it’s hers… which really comforts me as well because as much as I connect with her, we are different as well.

Her book, so far, has made me laugh and almost cry! I know I will finish it soon and probably download more of her stuff. I want to write like her. My own story, of course, but open and honest. Soaking in all the emotions and letting them out.

I’ve read so many books that people tell me I won’t like…. sometimes I do like them, sometimes I don’t. I think that’s what I love about books; I don’t have to love them all! I just need to experience the story!

In a couple weeks I’m flying for vacation. The last time I flew I literally carried around a 5 pound book with me because that was what I was reading at the time. This time I’ve got my Kindle! Several hundred books in under a pound. I’m so happy I invested in this little device! It sure keeps me going and feeding my reading itch.

I’ll never stop reading. Books really do feed my soul!


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