Happy 4th!

It’s going to be a rather quiet day for me, but I’ll head out to the big fireworks display tonight with my sister and her family. I kind of like it this way. Some quiet followed by a major crowd and a little fun!

I don’t always get to the display, but I’m happy I get to this year. Not worrying about my kids and what they are doing does help me not feel tied to the house! Even though I have to work in the morning, I know it will be worth it to be home late! It’s not every day you get to see such a wonderful display of freedom and celebration!

No matter how you celebrate the birth of our nation (assuming you’re from the US, if not… I’d love to know that!) I hope you do it safely and with people you love! I got a little sunburned yesterday so I’ll be careful to keep my shoulders covered until the sun goes down! Totally worth it, I got to see some dear friends I’ve been missing!

I’m keeping this short today because I’m just enjoying my holiday and I hope you do as well! Be safe, have fun, and tell those you love how you feel! That’s my only advice today!


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