Travel Day

I know this won’t be a long post but as I was standing here waiting for the time for us to board our second flight of the day I just wanted to check in!

Our first flight left Detroit right on time with no issues. The three of us traveling together were able to secure seats next to each other which was wonderful!

Since taking off can be a little nerve wracking for some, we decided when the beverage service came around that we would have Bloody Mary’s and boy did that do the trick! Hit the spot for sure!

We just talked and laughed the whole flight and had a perfect landing!

With a layover in Atlanta, we looked around and decided to grab a salad before we boarded our second flight and I’m so glad we did. I was hangry!! 

So now it’s just waiting for flight number two. I can’t wait to get down to NOLA and check it out! 

More to come later!!! Thanks for following!

This is just my carry on. I told you I over pack!!! At least it has wheels!


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