Homeward Bound

It’s time to head home already! I’m excited to sleep in my bed and eat my normal food again, but NOLA was fantastic! 

I plan to write more about it when I get home, sometime this week at least. I took a ton of pictures and have some fun stories to tell, but I need to get some rest and gather my thoughts first!

I’ll just say that as many times as I was warned about the dirty smelly city I really only saw one part that was questionable…. Bourbon St., of course! But beyond that it was a city full of gracious hosts and manners. 

Ok, more later. I’m in the airport again!!!!!


Travel Day

I know this won’t be a long post but as I was standing here waiting for the time for us to board our second flight of the day I just wanted to check in!

Our first flight left Detroit right on time with no issues. The three of us traveling together were able to secure seats next to each other which was wonderful!

Since taking off can be a little nerve wracking for some, we decided when the beverage service came around that we would have Bloody Mary’s and boy did that do the trick! Hit the spot for sure!

We just talked and laughed the whole flight and had a perfect landing!

With a layover in Atlanta, we looked around and decided to grab a salad before we boarded our second flight and I’m so glad we did. I was hangry!! 

So now it’s just waiting for flight number two. I can’t wait to get down to NOLA and check it out! 

More to come later!!! Thanks for following!

This is just my carry on. I told you I over pack!!! At least it has wheels!

Classic Overpacker

Yes, I’m traveling today, but not until later. I checked in to my flight online and got all the emails, texts, etc. Now to get my haircut and run a couple of errands and most importantly… finish packing!

This is truly the hardest part for me. I think it’s because I get anxious I’m going to forget something important, but every time I go anywhere I over pack!

I’m not talking about an extra outfit or two, it’s usually like my whole closet. You never know!

But I can’t do that this time. I’m flying, which limits me right there, and I’m going somewhere warm enough that no heavy sweaters/jackets will be involved. I am packing a couple of lightweight layers because air conditioning can make me really cold, but that’s it.

At this moment I have all the clothes I think I’m bringing laying out all over the floor of the living room. I’m a visual person so seeing it all there makes sense to me. I have a few more things to see if I can fit in, but we will see what happens. I’m only packing two pairs of shoes and one extra pair of sandals (wearing one also)! I think that’s a record low for me!

Anyway, several more things to do today, so I will keep this short. I just wanted to share my pain of being a chronic overpacker! It’s crazy to think about leaving the house without my entire house! Not sure why we are so attached to “stuff”. I think that’s a whole other post!

Fingers crossed I can get everything I need in one smaller suitcase and a carry on! I think I can, I think I can….. we shall see!

Going On An Adventure

Yes, the week is finally here! A year ago I planned the trip I’m about to take with my two girlfriends and we can hardly stand the excitement!

I’ve not been on a plane in almost 6 years. I didn’t get to travel much when I was younger, so I go every chance I can now! This adventure is going to be amazing!

I think the best part is that we don’t really have much of a plan for the first two days we are in New Orleans! We get to see which way the winds blow and take it all as it comes! Yes, we have a hotel reservation, we aren’t completely clueless!!! But as far as plans, there really aren’t any until Thursday. Since we arrive on Tuesday afternoon, you can see why I’m saying we are playing this loose!

Typically I’m a planner. I like having a plan, it keeps my anxiety in check. But sometimes spontaneity has it’s place! I have a feeling we will enjoy every moment!

As you probably know, I’m working a lot lately. I love both of my jobs and plan to keep working hard when I get back. I also love to write and have some plans on that front as well… but I need some adventure in my life! If there’s one thing missing right now, it would be travel. I plan to rectify that starting tomorrow!

So, I’m hoping to get you all an update on our trip as we go, but I can’t promise I’ll make the time. I’m also not bringing my computer with me, but I can write on my phone! Gotta love technology!

I hope no matter what your adventure will be this week that it will bring you joy! I’m still struggling to get my health and body back, but you can be sure this trip will feed my soul!

Work hard so you can play hard. That’s definitely my plan!

Happy 4th!

It’s going to be a rather quiet day for me, but I’ll head out to the big fireworks display tonight with my sister and her family. I kind of like it this way. Some quiet followed by a major crowd and a little fun!

I don’t always get to the display, but I’m happy I get to this year. Not worrying about my kids and what they are doing does help me not feel tied to the house! Even though I have to work in the morning, I know it will be worth it to be home late! It’s not every day you get to see such a wonderful display of freedom and celebration!

No matter how you celebrate the birth of our nation (assuming you’re from the US, if not… I’d love to know that!) I hope you do it safely and with people you love! I got a little sunburned yesterday so I’ll be careful to keep my shoulders covered until the sun goes down! Totally worth it, I got to see some dear friends I’ve been missing!

I’m keeping this short today because I’m just enjoying my holiday and I hope you do as well! Be safe, have fun, and tell those you love how you feel! That’s my only advice today!

Confessions of a Reader…

Kind of sounds like I’m going to an intervention or something, but I honestly have NO intention of ever changing the fact that I am a reader.

I read everything! Novels, biographies, self-help books… anything that speaks to me, I read. As a kid I was always reading something. I think I even got competitive a few times when the summer reading list came out! I usually read more books than the teachers expected us to!

A few years ago those electronic reading devices came out, the Nook and the Kindle where the ones I knew about. I did some research on them, but I resisted for a long time. I love to flip pages! I wasn’t sure I would enjoy reading as much that didn’t feel and smell like a book!

Well, my friends were using them and I just needed to see what it was all about. I finally decided that I just had to try one. I decided on a Kindle because I could even borrow e-books from my local library! But also I got one that only does books, no fancy apps or anything, and one I can read at the beach with my sunglasses on.

After about a day and a half… I was hooked. I love reading on my Kindle so much! It’s small, light weight, and holds TONS of books! I can switch subjects, authors and genres in just a few quick touches! I rarely leave the house without it! It even fits in my purse!

Anyway, I tell you about my Kindle because you can imagine that I literally read for at least an hour every day. As a Team Beachbody Coach, we are encouraged to learn something every day, so lately I’ve downloaded a lot of books that teach me something. I’ve read authors that teach me about leadership, team building, and most recently just teach me about being a better person.

Yesterday I was reading a book by Glennon Melton Doyle. She is so honest and raw, I’m totally loving her style. She writes about herself and her family, her highs and her lows. It’s almost like she’s writing my story, but of course it’s hers… which really comforts me as well because as much as I connect with her, we are different as well.

Her book, so far, has made me laugh and almost cry! I know I will finish it soon and probably download more of her stuff. I want to write like her. My own story, of course, but open and honest. Soaking in all the emotions and letting them out.

I’ve read so many books that people tell me I won’t like…. sometimes I do like them, sometimes I don’t. I think that’s what I love about books; I don’t have to love them all! I just need to experience the story!

In a couple weeks I’m flying for vacation. The last time I flew I literally carried around a 5 pound book with me because that was what I was reading at the time. This time I’ve got my Kindle! Several hundred books in under a pound. I’m so happy I invested in this little device! It sure keeps me going and feeding my reading itch.

I’ll never stop reading. Books really do feed my soul!

Moving Forward

Last night I ran. This is nothing new, of course, but then again it sort of is because yesterday I made up my mind to stop beating myself up about how slow I am and how much I’ve let my fitness slip this last 18 months.

So I ran.

Actually, I downloaded a podcast I used to use that cues you to run/walk in intervals. This is a GREAT way to not only get started running, but to get back into running when you’ve taken the kind of break I have.

I met a friend and told her that was my plan and she didn’t mind slowing down with me, so we did it, and it felt like I actually accomplished something! We ended up going 3 miles, which is awesome. The running intervals were hard, but I think we were running faster than I thought I could! The walking let me recover enough that I could run again!

Yes, I was complaining about it by about half way through, but I’m so happy I did it!

There was a 5k in town last night. A race I’ve done several times, and it’s lots of fun! It’s a big event but neither of us wanted to pay to run a race at this point, we just wanted some miles. So we ran before the race, sat at the local pub and watched the start and finish while enjoying a pint! Truly a great Tuesday! The perfect weather helped it even more!

Anyway, I know that slow running counts as much as fast running. I’ve always said that! But there’s something about making a decision to step back and “start over” that takes my heart out of the equation for me. I’m going to get back into shape and I’m going to do it the right way! Baby steps!

It’s what worked for me in 2010, it will work again.

I’m going to run/walk again tomorrow, even if I have to go alone.

It doesn’t matter if I’m slow. I’m a runner.